This report is to update you on our progress with the York Town Historic Site.

Archaeology: Our archaeologist, Adrienne Ellis has recently undertaken some X ray analysis of coins and buttons found at the site last year. She is continuing her research and the writing of her thesis. She will be visiting next year to present a talk on the archaeology of York Town.

Weed Control: Our landscaping committee under the leadership of Prue Wright and Margaret James are continuing to cut and paste gorse all over the site. They have also been hand watering many of the native plants on site to get them through the dry summer. Geoff Pedley has also sprayed some persistent gorse.

Tours/Use of the site: A number of site tours have been conducted for groups. Judging by the visitors book there have also been a number of visitors to the site. It was used by at least two school groups for Easter egg hunts and there are often cars in the car park. An adult education tour of the site was over subscribed and another one may be conducted in spring.

Field family visit: The Field family (descendants of William Field, arrived 1806) recently visited the site. After the event they donated some money for a seat to be erected at York Town to give visitors somewhere to sit to have a rest on the site.