The Historian is a magazine containing history stories about people, places and events in the West Tamar are. Back issues can be purchased for $3.00 plus postage.

Anderson's Creek Sawmill & LimekilnAnderson's Creek Richard HooperVol 1 P 3
William Collins visit to PD 1804Supply River1804Alma RansonVol 1 P 4
York TownYork Town1804-1808Helen PhillipsVol 1 P5
Brandy Creek/Beaconsfield (Part 1)Beaconsfield1878-1912Margie McKenzieVol 1 P 8
Grimes" 1807 survey of York TownYork Town1807John DentVol 1 P10
A Walk through Beaconsfield Beaconsfield1940'sHelen PhillipsVol 1 P12
Kelso Kelso 1805-1835Isabel McCaffertyVol 2 P 2
IronmakingIlfracombe1804-1873Helen PhillipsVol 2 P4
Who built the Supply River ChurchSupply River1861Gwen SmithVol 2 P9
Cormiston HouseRiverside Pat WalshVol 2 P10
Beaconsfield Sand MineBeaconsfield Jeff GarwoodVol 2 P13
Williams' Hut, Supply RiverSupply River1920'sDane BurgessVol 2 P13
People at York Town 1804-1808York Town1804-1808John Dent & Alma RansonVol 12 P 28
Silver Mines at Winkleigh Winkleigh1850'sMary JoyceVol 2 P18
50 Years of horticulture at RowellaRowella1930's-1980'sJohn ClarkVol 2 P 20
Early Days at Sandy BeachSandy Beach1930's-1980'sEric MillingtonVol 2 P22
A Walk through Exeter Exeterearly 1900'sJane StarkVol 2 P23
Excursion to Brandy Creek 1877Beaconsfield1877Peter CoxVol 2 P 31
Brandy Creek/Beaconsfield (part 2)Beaconsfield1889-1904Margie McKenzieVol 2 P33
7NT KelsoKelso1933Isabel McCaffertyVol 3 P2
John & Mary Ann Watson "Bell View"Beauty Point Ann WingVol 3 P5
Beaconsfield before Federation Beaconsfield1804-1900Margie McKenzie & Helen PhillipsVol 3 P 7
George "Grumpy" Miller (Beaconsfield)Beaconsfield1894-1974Eric BlackabyVol 3 P 14
Orcharding on the West TamarWest Tamar1845-1950'sHelen PhillipsVol3 P 15
Chrissie Reid Exeter Jane StarkVol 3 P 19
Charles GloverWest Tamar Gwen SmithVol 3 P22
Britton & Bevan - Bushrangers (1828-1835)West Tamar1828-1835RF MinchinVol 3 P 24
Exeter Football Club (Part 1)Exeter1910-1914Pat ClementsVol4 P 3
Water at BeaconsfieldBeaconsfield1930's-1990'sRichard HooperVol 4 P6
Exeter Methodist ChurchExeter1915-2002Lyn ReidVol 4 P 15
Beaconsfield RailwayBeaconsfield1890'sGreg WightonVol 4 P20
Wyett Family Beaconsfield Helen PhillipsVol 4 P22
Jill Willey in BeaconsfieldBeaconsfield1944-1958Jill WilleyVol 4 P 26
"Andromeda" & the Page familyWest Tamar1830's-1840'sMargie McKenzieVol 4 P28
Port of Launceston (1805-1835)Tamar River1805-1829Wayne ShippVol 4 P 31
Ilfracombe Railway (1856)Ilfracombe1856Richard HooperVol 5 P 2
"Bramhall", Clarence PointClarence Point1915-1950'sHelen PhillipsVol 5 P 5
Port of Launceston (Part 2)Tamar River1829-1835Wayne ShippVol 5 P 9
"Glen Athol", Cherry RoadTrevallyn David MurrayVol 5 P 14
Walter C. GowansWest Tamar1874-1938Jane StarkVol 5 P16
Growing up in BeaconsfieldBeaconsfield1910'sDoll KalleskeVol 5 P 20
A Search into my Past Kelso Elizabeth JohnsonVol 5 P 24
Kelso School HouseKelso1907-2002Isabel McCaffertyVol 5 P26
Manifold Family, KelsoKelso Isabel McCafferty and Pat WalshVol 5 P27
Surveyor Charles Grimes at Port DalrympleYork Town1807John DentVol 5 P 33
York Town Memorial York Town1950'sGreg WightonVol 6 P2
"Marine Villa" (Kelso Cottage)Kelso1841-Isabel McCaffertyVol 6 P 6
"Plaisance" KelsoKelso1827-sabel McCaffertyVol 6 P 9
Port Dalyrmple Yacht ClubBeauty Point1953Jill WilleyVol 6 P 13
Exeter Football Club (Part 2)Exeter1919-1939Pat ClementsVol 6 P 15
Latter Day Explorers of the West TamarWest Tamar1970's-2002Margie McKenzieVol 6 P 18
Lime WorksWest Tamar Helen PhillipsVol 6 P21
Sidmouth Sidmouth  Jack WivellVol 6 P 29
Thylacine York Town1805Greg WightonVol 7 P 2
Soldiers at York Town (1804-1807)York Town1804-1807John DentVol 7 P 3
Wyett Tramway (Beaconsfield)Beaconsfield1881-1915Richard Hooper & Helen PhillipsVol 7 P 7
Memories of Ethel AndersonFrankford Helen PhillipsVol 7 P 11
Beaconsfield Early DaysBeaconsfield1900'sMargie McKenzieVol 7 P 15
West Tamar Historical Committee (Part 1)West Tamar1972-1998Margie McKenzieVol 7 P 19
SalisburySalisbury1880-1884Greg WightonVol 7 P 27
Chintock Battery ProjectBeaconsfield1993Richard HooperVol 8 P 2
Holwell  Gorge TrackHolwell1918-1970Richard HooperVol 8 P 14
West Tamar Historical Committee (Part2)West Tamar1972-1998Margie McKenzieVol 8 P 15
William Joseph SoutherwoodExeter1861-1937Jane StarkVol 8 P 25
Problems with Soldiers at York Town York Town1805-1808John DentVol 8 P 29
First Livestock at Port Dalrymple (1804-1808)York Town1804-1808John DentVol 8 P 30
Clarence Point Clarence Point 1813-2003Isabel McCaffertyVol 9 P2
Entertainment at Kelso Kelso Isabel McCaffertyVol 9 P18
Early Bushrangers at York TownYork Town1804-1808John DentVol 9 P 24
Robbery at York Town (1806)York Town1806John DentVol 9 P25
Northern El Dorado Beaconsfield1877Margie McKenzieVol 9 P27
Reminiscences of Bert HindsWest Tamar1977Margie McKenzieVol 9 P 30
York Town Working BeesYork Town2003Margie McKenzieVol 10 P 2
Middle IslandMiddle Island1883-1950'sRichard Hooper & Hubert WaltersVol 10 P5
"Sydney" Cattle 1805York Town1805Richard HooperVol 10 P 15
Flouridation, 50 Years-BeaconsfieldBeaconsfield1953-2003Jeanette GrantVol 10 P18
Thomas Stonehouse (1818-1895)West Tamar1818-1895June KerrisonVol 10 P 26
Menetta Walker (Beaconsfield)Beaconsfield1926-2004Helen PhillipsVol 11 P 2
Land Exploration at Port Dalrymple West Tamar1804/1805John DentVol 11 P3
Beaconsfield:Spotswood ConnectionBeaconsfield1908-1990David MurrayVol 11 P 10
Greens Beach (Part 1) Greens Beach Isabel McCaffertyVol 11 P13
Jim O'Toole:MemoriesWest Tamar1930's-2000Helen PhillipsVol 11 P18
Transport & Communication West Tamar1900'sReg E BakerVol 11 P19
Remembering York Town 2004York Town2004Helen PhillipsVol 12 P 1
In the Beginning:AboriginiesWest Tamar Helen PhillipsVol 12 P 6
York Town York Town Helen PhillipsVol 12 P 7
William & Elizabeth PatersonYork Town1804/1808Helen PhillipsVol 12 P 11
York Town:Its Buildings  & GardensYork Town1804/1850'sJohn DentVol 12 P20
Later Residents at York TownYork Town Helen PhillipsVol 12 P22
Attack on Private Thomas BatesYork Town1805John DentVol 12 P 26
Defamation at York TownYork Town1806John DentVol 12 P27
Remembering York Town DayYork Town2004Helen PhillipsVol 13 P1
Greens Beach:Part 2Greens Beach1946-1979Rod StoneVol 13 P 4
Beaconsfield: Fatal Mine AccidentsBeaconsfield1878-1914Margie McKenzieVol 13 P8
Supply River Church CemeterySupply River1861-2004Jan CritchettVol 13 P 18
Freshwater Point Legana1827-2005Helen PhillipsVol 13 P 22
York Town ArchaeologyYork Town2006Helen PhillipsVol 14 P1